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Everything to Know About Archangel Metratron

If you have stumbled across the names archangel Metatron and it interested you to understand who that is, then you should know that it is the empowerment archangel. There is this belief of two angels ascending from a human manifestation on earth, into the realm of angels and they are known as Sandalphon and Metatron. For one to attain spiritual power and to ascend, they need to have certain abilities and Metatron is the archangel that we revere as the one who is most powerful and stands to represent the ability we all need in the achievement of ascension and access to spiritual power. There are this biblical prophet and transcriber called Enoch who is believed to be the human incarnation of Metatron. After the ascension of Metatron, the was given the all-imperative job of being a transcriber of all the alternatives made in heaven and on earth and this is all in the universal archive that we refer to as the book of life of the akashic record.

When you hear about ultrahigh vibrational frequency, you should think about archangel Metatron because, well, it is one of is other traits. Choosing to operate with Metatron means that you should sign up for a highly intense vibrational ascension. The light work you perform and the energy cleansing that you go through is vital as it helps you to be relieved of the things that do not serve you anymore, and that is in any emotional, physical, dynamic and mental way. There is no better way of getting to know yourself more from the universal divine perspective where you are allowed the highest level of freedom and you are self-confident other than through the help of the healing modalities such as the Melchizedek method that features Metatron healing; it helps to significantly transform your life.

Archangel Metatron is not a simple angel that you easily recognize because most people often have no idea about what they are searching for. When you are in archangel Metatron’s presence, you will often feel overwhelmed because it is more intense. Metatron’s presence overwhelms you more than that of others such as Michael because it can be described as an almost earth-like presence when Michael communicates.

When you are in the presence of Metatron, you get the strong urge to be highly positive in your thoughts where anything negative wants to be changed into a positive one. The uniqueness of Metatron’s task of keeping the akashic record stands as a frequent reminder that thoughts of negativity give birth to negative choices and outcomes.
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